Dr. Rachel Eva Dew: A Proven Visionary Who has Been Bridging the Worlds of Technology and Healthcare For Decades

Heather Slade
3 min readMay 26, 2021

Always with an eye on the future; this leader and entrepreneur has her finger on the pulse of virtual support and care.

Los Angeles, California — Dr. Rachel Dew’s career has focused on creation. Creating what she sees the market needs in the spaces of healthcare and whole body wellness, and often building from the ground up. The journey has taken her from her first start-up venture over twenty-five years ago, when she could uniquely understand the digital space, and has continued as she creates tech businesses that seamlessly meld health and wellbeing support needs with an accessible digital experience. With a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine, she has pioneered a new way to deliver holistic, integrative medicine and wellness to people worldwide. Her experience on the care side and the business side of healthcare makes her a unique expert, lending her to additional titles like an author, speaker, and educator of over 10,000Wellness Coaches world-wide.

“Whole-person health and wellness care is my passion,” says Dr. Rachel Dew, “But I realized early on the power of technology to reach more people, and since then, my career has been a marriage of tech and business and healthcare. This has led me to things beyond being called doctor — like entrepreneur and CEO.”

Dr. Rachel’s career started while creating strategy and vision in client services in the 90s. Her first startup venture was an award-winning digital magazine in 1999. She then dove into the world of online services, opening Total Body Center, a one-stop-shop for health and wellness support. With Dr. Rachel’s leadership and vision, what started as a brick-and-mortar transitioned into an online platform, definitely ahead of the market for its time. Tandem to her success in the business world, Dr. Rachel has extensive training within holistic whole person healthcare and wellbeing, which includes being a double-board certified Doctor of Natural and Integrative Medicine. Coupling that depth of knowledge with her business acumen, Dr. Rachel created a propriety integrative approach to wellness and wellness coaching — combining the tools, support, and solutions needed to heal the total self in mind, body, and spirit. She founded the online school Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA), where over 10,000 students worldwide have been trained and certified as Integrative Wellness & Life Coaches world-wide. This venture required an extensive online platform buildout and content production, the mastery of which led Dr. Rachel to the development and co-founder and CEO role in her current venture, ModiHealth.

With her success as an entrepreneur and understanding of the integrative health and wellbeing space, Dr. Rachel has established herself as a thought leader. She has reached thousands through conference appearances, television appearances, podcasts, radio, and hundreds of print and digital articles as a guest expert. She has also authored five successful books as well.

Dr. Rachel’s goal of reaching as many people with a complete solution “under one virtual roof” came to fruition with the launch of ModiHealth. She knows that physically getting to the doctor’s office or finding easy-to-access health and wellness solutions are often the biggest obstacles to better health. With ModiHealth, Dr. Rachel has created an online platform that anyone can access for virtual care as well as online health and wellness classes, customizable health plans and health data tracking anytime. Clients can find primary care doctors, mental health practitioners, holistic health practitioners, functional medicine life coaches, health coaches, fitness coaches, nutritionists in addition to health memberships and an On-Demand Wellness Streaming Service, leading them to their most optimal health. Always a true trendsetter, Dr. Rachel is paving the way for the future of telewellness.

Find out more about Dr. Rachel’s approach to wellness as well as additional resources at https://drracheldew.com/.



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