Innovation Sparks New Products from Thailand at the Natural Products Expo West Virtual Week: Skincare Made from Golden Silk, Protein Bars Made from Rice, and Every Exotic Flavor

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Offerings that were previously unavailable in the United States curated from Thailand’s most
innovative businesses will be at Natural Products Expo Virtual Show Beginning May 24th-27th

Los Angeles — MAY 24, 2021: Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotions (DITP), led by Kwanapa Phivnil, has worked tirelessly to bring the most innovative products from Thailand to the United States at this year’s (Virtual) Natural Products Expo West. The Thai Trade Council has vetted these ground-breaking companies for state-of-the-art manufacturing
practices, consistent, quality ingredient sourcing, and reliability. You will find flavors, products, and production resources previously unavailable in the US to delight your senses and provide a mouthwatering culinary experience. Many products are certified organic, fair trade, Non-GMO
Project certified, B-Corp, gluten-free and vegan.

“We are on a mission to help popularize undiscovered food, personal care, and herbal wellness products from a world away,” says Kwanapa Phivnil, Executive Director of Thai Trade Center, Los Angeles, under the Department of International Trade Promotion for the Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. “For the past two years, I have worked with a variety of international
experts to help refine product concepts, ingredient declarations, and the logistics for the introduction of over 100 products into natural and specialty food stores in the US. I am excited to show this side of the world what Thailand has to offer.”

The selection process was rigorous. First, the expert team invited from Department of International Trade Promotion presented insights and strategies for entering the highly competitive United States market. Then the potential businesses competed in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, participating in “Shark Tank”-style presentations. The hopeful companies were wide-ranging, from protein-rich rice products to skin creams made from the cocoons of
Thailand’s golden silkworms. Consultants mentored the winning companies, helping them refine ingredients, branding and messaging for the American market. At the end of the competition, just ten companies were chosen to participate in the Natural Products Expo West. These innovators include:

  1. Jasberry is “your new superfood rice,” with forty times more antioxidants than brown rice, four times more antioxidants than quinoa, and seven times more antioxidants than kale. Jasberry is introducing a heat-and-serve purple rice line that is Organic and Non- GMO Project Certified. The Company’s social impact is equally significant; the only B- Corp-certified food company in Thailand, Jasberry works with over 2,500 families, helping them out of poverty, one grain at a time.
    2) Foodle Noodle is a manufacturer of organic, gluten-free rice noodles, available in brown, red, and black and can be used in various ways, including instant or stir-fried. For something quick and filling, convenient soup cups offer whole grain vegan goodness that’s ready in 4 minutes. Traditional Tom Yum, made with all the antioxidant power of turmeric and ginger, is satisfying and delicious. The products are perfect for both retail consumers and professional chefs.
    3) Proplan Industrial produces unique vegan meat alternatives and seasonings for private label retail, hotel & restaurant chains. Their succulent plant-based “meatballs” and “burger patties” are available with and without sauce, and great with rice or pasta. They also offer unique Asian dessert ingredients: rice balls, or mochi, and tapioca bubble pearls for use in bubble teas. Remarkably, the innovation doesn’t stop there. Thai sauces mean big flavor. Proplan also offers a variety of curry pastes, cooking and dipping sauces, and even salad dressings.
    4) Golden Cart covers the spectrum of rice offerings, from white to red to black to brown; from rice to rice noodles to rice paper. For spicy, savory sauces to serve over rice or noodles, Golden Cart offers a bright, fresh curry pastes in red, yellow and green. No watered down, mild seasonings here. These authentic Thai ingredients are 100% organic, and your global offerings just aren’t complete without them.
    5) Medifoods is focused on producing natural, organic, and high protein rice products. Their rice-based specialty products range from energy bars to rice butters, and harness the maximum level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals all made from rice. Rice butter spreads, made with sprouted brown and purple rice protein, are a delicious alternative for those with nut allergies. Their product offerings are vast for consumer products, as well as ingredients for manufacturing.
    6) Thai-Nichi provides a full range of sweet and savory rice-based snacks with exotic flavors like Kaotan (Thai term for rice cracker) Coconut, Kaotan Crab Curry and Asian Wasabi Mix. The snacks are gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and delicious. Thai-Nichi is a perfect combination of Thai and Japanese snack style.
    7) Pian-ku-sol has 200 years of experience in the Thai silk trade. In addition to clothing and home goods, the Company produces golden silk, a unique ingredient made into a soothing and rejuvenating face cream. Pian-ku-sol’s Golden Silk Face Cream and soap are made from real silk cocoons. The powerful properties of silk protein can help improve regeneration of skin cells.
    8) Cosmos & Harmony is a line of luxurious personal care products made from unique ingredients like black glutinous rice, oatmeal, and mulberry. The line includes lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel proving you can make almost anything from rice. These craft soaps are a refreshing change from mass produced products, and they embody the Thai purity of spirit.
    9) Znya Organics is the #1 Certified Organic Thai brand for body, beauty, and baby care products. They offer natural solutions to skin problems like allergies, acne, eczema and sensitivity, as well as preventative skincare. Znya products were inspired by the founder’s journey, realizing organic skincare rid her of an ongoing allergy to chemical- laden cosmetics, and are better for the Earth and all the people in it.
    10) Hillkoff is launching a dipped dried banana on a stick. This innovative natural snack comes in matcha tea, cappuccino and espresso flavors. Hillkoff is known for rich, robust Arabica coffees, teas, and related products from Thailand’s rolling hills, and include single-serve organic coffee packets. Just pour hot water into the pouch while on-the-go and sip!

Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotions (DITP) will be at the Virtual Expo beginning May 24th — 27th to answer questions, schedule virtual meetings with company leaders, expedite sample procurement and help secure favorable trade agreements. With over 100 natural products to experience, you will find the best Thailand has to offer.



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