LifeVac Inventor Arthur Lih: Turning Tragedy into a Life-Saving Invention

Heather Slade
3 min readMay 5, 2021
Lih’s invention of the LifeVac airway clearance device has saved lives worldwide for people ranging in age from three weeks to ninety-seven

NESCONSET, NY — Arthur Lih was visiting a friend in the hospital in 2011 when he overheard the tragic story of a 7-year-old child who recently had lost his life after choking on a grape. The senselessness of the death hit Lih deeply, and his inventive mind started working overtime. Lih mobilized a professional team of experts, together they made his vision a reality and LifeVac was born. The patented, easy-to-use lifesaving device was designed to offer the safest method of aspirating a choking child or adult and is being recommended by hundreds of doctors and medical professionals worldwide. Over one hundred thousand devices have been sold in over forty countries, but the most crucial statistic is that LifeVac has saved one hundred and twenty-seven lives to date, and indeed more to come.

“Sudden death due to a choking incident is just tragic beyond comprehension,” says Lih, “Then you look at the statistics and see how common it is. I just felt like I could do something to change this. Foremost, I needed to create something effective but also very easy to use. It also needed to be small enough to take anywhere — what good is it if it’s not there when you need it? With the help of a great team, we were able to create just that with LifeVac. ”

What makes one person turn tragedy into invention? Lih’s history of being a “do-er” and problem solver is apparent in his professional life. Lih’s career began in the air transportation industry, where he also learned the ins and outs of the trucking and air freight business. This led to building his own logistics company called ALBS Logistics. In a short time, the company reached a revenue of over 20 million dollars annually, and he and his business partner sold the company to Radiant Global Logistics. This extensive professional history helped lead Lih to his ultimate life’s calling: creating LifeVac. Once he formulated his idea to create an airway clearance device, Lih established a research and development facility. That is where he and his colleagues, with Dr. Lisa Brody, would invent an apparatus that could clear an airway. He was determined to find a solution for accidental choking deaths and had the curious mind, drive, and determination to make it happen.

Every choking death is a tragedy, young or old, but sadly the statistics for kids and choking are alarming. One child dies every five days from choking in the US alone. It is important to try the Heimlich maneuver first, but statistics show that it works in only approximately 50–70% of cases, so it’s just as important to have a LifeVac on hand. For parents of young children, it is a daily fear. The LifeVac is small enough to fit into a purse or a glove compartment. It travels easily, giving parents the peace of mind to know they can handle a terrifying and serious choking situation.

LifeVac is very simple to use: PLACE. PUSH. PULL.

● Place the LifeVac device over the mouth and nose to create a seal.

● Push downward: The one-way valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward when pressed.

● Then simply pull to create a one-way suction to remove the lodged food or object in seconds.

● It can save a life in seconds. Watch the video and share it with friends to help save lives:

LifeVac is FDA registered, Clinical studies and 3rd party testing all confirm LifeVac to be highly effective and 100% safe to use during a choking emergency. Lih has received widespread media attention and his device has been recognized in several leading medical journals, four of which are peer-reviewed.

As many families can attest to, their loved ones are here today because of LifeVac. Arthur Lih was determined to make his idea a reality, and now, you can get the LifeVac Home Kit for $69.95. It comes fully equipped with an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask and it never expires. Purchase a LifeVac Travel Kit, a LIfeVac School Kit, and LifeVac EMS Kit at and help save lives!



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