National Women’s Health Week is May 9th-15th: Nupeutics Health has Joined Forces with Nutrition Author Mareya Ibrahim to Help Women Discover their Path to a Healthy Life

Heather Slade
3 min readApr 28, 2021
Nutrition advice from Ibrahim and all-natural supplements like the Hormone Master from Nupeutics Health are a powerful combination to help women live their best life

San Diego, California — Women have been taking care of everyone from their children to their parents, and from their families to their neighbors this last year, and often, their personal wellness is last on the list. National Women’s Health Week is the perfect time for women to check in with their health and nutrition with help from Chef Mareya Ibrahim and Nupeutics Health, a company driven by the mission to help women and men experience optimal health and well-being through natural products and functional ingredients.

“I hope that women take this time to remind themselves that their health matters and to investigate the changes they can make in their lives to be their happiest self,” says Chef Mareya Ibrahim, Lifestyle and Nutrition Expert. “It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Implementing small changes in diet and lifestyle can make an impact. Baby steps to a radiant life!”

The Federal Government’s Office on Women’s Health is encouraging women to observe this National Women’s Health Week by doing three simple things:

  1. Visit your doctor
  2. Analyze your diet
  3. Join the gym

For women of all ages, good nutrition starts with eating a well-balanced diet. This includes a nourishing array of whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat, and wild-caught fish. Even with good nutrition, many women aren’t getting all the nutrients they need. Nupeutics, a wellness company founded on the belief that good health begins with plant-based nutrition and natural preventative care, has been working to fill that gap with supplements like:

The Women’s Health Bundle. The bundle includes three supplements that specifically help with hormone regulation, adrenal fatigue, and immunity.

The Hormone Master is an organic blend of herbs that work to regulate hormones naturally by resetting the cycle.

The Immunity Master includes immune-boosting herbs like zinc, vitamin C, and the chaga mushroom to encourage proper elimination of unwanted pathogens.

The Stress Master’s all-natural and organic blend of herbs is beneficial to anyone suffering adrenal fatigue, stressful life periods, high cortisol, irritability, or high anxiety.

Chef Mareya Ibrahim, aka “The Fit Foodie,” is also a TV Chef and nutrition coach. She is most recently the author of the Happy Hormones guidebook, where she shares the foundational nutritional and emotional tools necessary to weather menopause more smoothly. Tune in to listen to Ibrahim and Bernadette, ‘Nurse B’ from Nupeutics Health, address Women’s Health and Hormones on IG live on May 10th at 11 am.

National Women’s Health Week will be a time for women to “push the pause button” and pay attention to their bodies. Dietary tips from a trusted source like Ibrahim will help women get their diet on the right path with easy, simple changes. Nupeutics Health products are powerful tools to help reach health goals, whether dealing with hormone health, gut health, or even stress reduction. To see the full line of Nupeutics Health products, go to Follow Chef Mareya Ibrahim for food and lifestyle tips at Sign up for her Happy Hormones FREE guidebook at



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